Two crystals

The Faculty of Medicine in Maribor, by the Drava River

Theatre carpet

Renovation of the Ptuj City Theatre – the installation of new construction elements in an existing building

White frames

A branch office for the NKBM bank in Novo Mesto

Light in the city

Branch office for the NKBM bank in Ljubljana

White house

Laboratory extension of the Slovenian Environment Agency in Ljubljana

City Happiness Art

Muzej sodobnih umetnosti v Cetinju, Črna Gora

A line over the river

Footbridge in the centre of Ljubljana, at Ribji trg


Pharmacy in the Mercator shopping mall, Maribor

House within a house

Apartment on the Pražakova ulica street in Ljubljana

Sterile white

Pharmacy in Kamnica, Maribor

A rescue city

Civil protection and disaster relief centre in Ljubljana

Apartment without walls

Apartment in Ljubljana on the Šarhova street

An interplay of spaces and purposes

Reconstruction of the Cerklje ob Krki Elementary School and Kindergarten

Organic form

Pharmacy in the Europark shopping mall in Maribor

Pharmaceutical factory with a rooftop park

Poslovna stavba Marifarm v Mariboru

Green cross

Pharmacy in the E'Leclerc shopping mall

Atriums in the kindergarten

Kindergarten in Ljubljana

Rainbow boxes

The regional waste disposal centre at Ljubljana Marshes

A long line of terraced houses

Terraced houses in Radvanje

A view of the velodrome

A gymnasium in Stražišče by Kranj

School by a square

Slovenj Gradec Secondary School Centre

Urban villas

Residential area at Sernčeva in Maribor

Intimate views

Residential area at Lukovica in Ljubljana

Loss of balance

A monument to all wars in the centre of Ljubljana

Apartments at Karst

Residential area in Miškotov Dol

A small city

Residential area Polje 3 in Ljubljana

The origins of the settlement

The design of the settlements of Dobrova and Polhov Gradec

The natural oasis

The design of Maribor Island

Narrow streets

The design of Škofja Loka city centre

Green ribbon

Pharmacy at Ig by Ljubljana


Pharmacy in Moravci

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