Rainbow boxes

Rainbow boxes

The regional waste disposal centre at Ljubljana Marshes

Year of construction: 2015

Project group: PLAN B d.o.o., BRUTO d.o.o.

The basic idea of the architectural design is based on the premise of a technological sorting process and waste recovery unit. Specific segments of the complex are separated by their intended function. Entering the complex of the future regional waste disposal centre, we cross the existing bridge over the Curnovec stream. Next to the existing bridge, a footbridge is constructed. To the left of the entrance to this area, there is a building used to store dangerous household waste, connected to an existing overhanging roof for sorting waste.

In the entrance axis there is the existing management building with overhanging roof and the parking area is supplemented by a bus stop. The parking area is complemented by the management building. Behind the management building are the existing treatment plant facilities, a parking area for construction machinery and a pumping station.



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