City Happiness Art

City Happiness Art

Miodrag Dado Đurić National Art Gallery, Cetinje, Črna Gora

Year of construction:  2009

Project team:


The project of the Miodrag Dado Đurić National Art Gallery is a reconstruction of the existing building of the National Bank, later known as Trgopromet, in the centre of Cetinje in Montenegro. The solid panel façade glazing was replaced by a transparent glass envelope, establishing direct connection of the building with the city on the ground floor and providing exceptional views of the surroundings from higher floors. Ideologically, it sets up a continuous space spanning through the interior and exterior of the building. If the classic gallery spaces were usually enclosed by internal walls, the new gallery in Cetinje is an »open box of art«, where the interior of the gallery also incorporates the accidental passers-by. Better spatial conditions for exhibiting art of larger dimensions and formats were achieved by hollowing out of the building at numerous points to create double-height spaces. Thus created internal open rooms improve the exhibiting conditions and enable also vertical visual connections. All internal surfaces (walls, columns, ceilings, floors) are white to allow the art to establish its expressive character and narrative quality.

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